NoCodeWizards are your assistants for building efficient automated workflows by connecting and integrating all services you use. From messengers, emails, socials and spreadsheets to CRM, CMS, marketing, task trackers and support systems. Concentrate on strengthening your position and growing your business, and leave all the rest for automation..
Automate your business today!
Why Choose Us?
We are using NoCode platforms that help move the power of innovation into the hands of your entire organisation and save the budget from hiring a software developer or outsource to a software development house.
Workflow Automation
Makes complicated business processes easier to manage. When a form fill, user action, or internal signal is triggered, automated workflows can move or transform data according to your instructions.
Connecting Over 1000 Apps
Airtable, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook, NewRelic, Google Sheets, Google Docs, VK and more.
Enable You To Move Fast
NoCode tools are high quality and designed to be connected together easily, your idea can take form within days, sometimes hours, but without sacrificing your beloved features that make your idea unique.
Projects We Take On

Custom Development
No Code tools allow to build pretty much any system that you can imagine at record speeds. We specialize in building web-apps that can scale and serve the needs of your audience. A complete web app with distinct user roles & permissions, dashboards and views can be developed swiftly, usually at least 5x faster compared to traditional software development.
Your website, app or other NoCode solution will need to sync up with various tools like ConvertKit/MailerLite; Airtable/Google Sheets; and sometimes REST APIs. We will stitch the tools together and make them play nicely.
You may have your website or digital product
built out but how do you get the form data to the CRM? How do you trigger emails? How do you auto-update Webflow? We partner with Integromat to automate & make your life easy.
Our Tools

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